Most people take months, even years, coming to the decision to move house.  Once they have decided to make a move and put their house on the market it’s normal to then want to get on with it and to sell your house quickly.

You’ve probably already been searching online for what could be your next home whilst deciding if you want to move and getting excited about what might be.  But most people don’t bother viewing until they have at least got their own property on the market.  It might then feel like you are missing out as you see properties you like sell, before you’re in a position to buy them.  This build up puts a lot of pressure on you to sell your house quickly, and so it can be very disappointing and frustrating if once you do get your house up for sale, you then don’t get an offer you want soon after.  You are in limbo as you have mentally moved on from your current home and are ready to start the next chapter in a new home but are being held back by not selling your house quickly enough.

But it doesn’t need to be this way, there are things you can do to help sell your house quickly, without having to sell at a giveaway price!

Presentation – the first step to selling your house quickly

I cannot stress enough how important it is to present you home in the best light possible in order to sell your house quickly.  It is also likely to mean you will sell for more, so spending a few hundred pounds now could mean you gain thousands back in the offers you receive.

Make sure you complete all those minor repairs and DIY jobs, both inside and out and if your budget will allow.  Freshly painted rooms always look so much better – even if you just do the key rooms such as lounge and master bedroom.  Curb appeal is vital so re-paint the front door in a bright and inviting colour, add a pot plant or hanging basket and keep the grass mown regulalry.

Inside, de-clutter and remove too many personal items such as family photo’s, but don’t go too far and have a soulless sterile environment.  I have a rule of a maximum of three items per surface.  Make sure each room is presented according to its purpose.  If possible put the third bedroom you use as an office back to a bedroom and the dining room that is now a play room needs turning back into a dining room.


Marketing – the second step to selling your house quickly

How your property is marketed is key in order to sell your house quickly.  There is no point in spending time and money on presenting your home the best it can be if you then have poor photographs and a dull and boring description of your home.  Think about who your ideal buyer is and then make sure it is marketed to them.  A first time buyer will want to know it is in good repair as they will have little money left over for costly repairs and they will be drawn by ease of commuting and entertaining space.  A family will want a safe garden for children to play in, a good selection of local amenities and to be in the catchment area of their favoured schools.  Highlighting these points in the description will make your buyers feel like your home is perfect for them before they have even viewed.

Make sure your home is presented at its absolute best for photographs.  Include some lifestyle shots along with the regular room shots to create extra interest and help it to stand out.  Remember external photo’s of houses with blue skies get far more clicks.  If your front picture doesn’t have a blue sky, ask your agent to take another.


Viewings – the third step to selling your house quickly

Advise your agent of the best time of day to view your house to see it at its best, i.e. when the garden is at its sunniest or avoiding busy roads during school drop off and pick up times if you are close to a school.

Make sure your home is immaculate, clean and tidy throughout and add a few lifestyle touches such as fresh flowers and a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen.  Try using just lemons or limes in a tall glass bowl for a contemporary look and consider putting place settings out on your dining table.  Make beds with your best linen and add cushions and throws for a luxury feel.  Put out clean, or even better new towels you keep just for viewings, in the bathrooms.

Lastly, one of the best ways to sell your house quicker is to let your agent do the viewings for you.  It’s what they are there for.  They know how to show a property to its best advantage and buyers are likely to spend longer over the viewing and give honest feedback as they are shown around.  So even if it isn’t for them, your agent should be armed with great feedback that you can use to help you to attract the perfect buyer for you.

Remember the best offers are usually received in the first couple of weeks on the market.  Getting these things right before you put the ‘For Sale’ board up is really important in order to sell your house quickly, for the right price.  But even if you’re already on the market it’s not too late.  Review the marketing of your home with your agent and if necessary make changes and re-launch to the market.

I offer a free, no obligation, home saleability consultation and would be happy to visit your home and advise you how saleable your home currently is and what you can do to improve this.  Just call Claire on 0113 436 4360.