A landlord who has invested in rental properties throughout Morley and surrounding areas asked me about the property market in her home village of Gildersome.  If you’re not familiar, Gildersome is thought to have been founded by Dutch immigrants who fled from Guelderland in around 1751. It was an old mining community and some of the original mining locations remain today. Some of the old housing built for the miners still stands today, including the town houses and terraces built on Street Lane. A lot of land has been redeveloped. Mill Lane now sits on what used to be a large industrial area.  Gildersome is generally regarded as part of Morley, but it technically it is separate and is not governed by Morley town council.  Since being established as a parish in 2004, Gildersome now has its own parish council serving its 5,804 residents.


What we found out about the area was quite interesting. The average value of a property in Gildersome is currently £188,174 which is a huge £27,599 above the average of neighbouring Morley.  The most expensive street in Gildersome is Yarra Court, where an average property is worth in excess of £355,000.  Incredibly, 1799 properties have been sold in Gildersome over the last 10 years.

The most expensive property was a stunning new 5 bedroom detached property on Church Street, which sold for £570,000 in 2013.  The average rent in the village is £625 per month and 48 people have sold their property so far this year, according to the Land Registry.

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