When it comes to selling your home, you have often already begun to move on in your mind to thinking about your new home and started to plan what that might look like.  Its easy to forget about your current home and stop making the effort you once did in making it look its best.  But when it comes to getting a sale at the price you want, its vital you put even more effort into its appearance now, but it’s understandable that you won’t want to spend a fortune doing it.  Here are 9 ways to make your home look more elegant without breaking the bank.

  1. Upgrade your soft furnishings

Adding new soft furnishings can transform your existing furniture and add a real touch of elegance to your home.  People often buy new soft furnishings for their new home so why not buy them a little bit earlier and use them now to enhance your existing home.  Be bold and choose contrasting colours and texture for cushions and throws in your living room.  Several cushions arranged neatly on a sofa looks great along with a co-ordinated throw arranged over a chair.  The same goes for bedrooms, new bed linen with co-ordinated cushions and throws creates a boudoir which is sumptuous and inviting and new soft fluffy  towels add a touch of class to your bathrooms.  Prevent hard flooring from seeming cold with large, luxurious rugs in bold colours and patterns.

  1. Add a statement piece of artwork

Add a focal point to your living room by adding a large canvas to one wall with colours that compliment the rest of the scheme, or a piece of sculpture as a centre piece on a dining table or coffee table.  Be bold and go big to really make a statement.

  1. Great lighting

Beautiful light fittings really add a touch of class.  Adding a chandelier in the bedroom or living room enhances the whole room and gives s stylish finish.  Large matching bedside lamps in coordinating colours will complete the look in the bedroom whilst standing lamps or table lamps do the same for your living spaces.  If you have a good size hallway, add a statement light here too to create a great first impression of your home.

  1. Create flow with flooring

Hard floors in living spaces are popular and they look good.  If your carpets have seen better days, it’s worth investigating what is underneath as finished floor boards will look better than a tired carpet and painted floorboards give a really modern look on a budget and can compliment your colour scheme.  Use the same finish throughout to create flow through your living spaces but vary the shades to define different zones such as cooking, living and hallways.  Floor tiles also look great in bathroom and kitchens and even in hallway’s and dining areas.  If you don’t have floorboards suitable then consider investing in putting down hard flooring or new carpets with a luxurious finish – think carpets you can squish your toes into!

  1. Colours and contrast

Banish magnolia from your home and use colour to add sophistication.  Think Farrow & Ball for inspiration on paint colours and use contrasting colours and patterns for walls and flooring.  Wooden furniture can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint to fit in with your new scheme.

  1. Details


Little details can really make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your home.  Replace boring handles on cupboards and doors with something to add contrast either in a different colour or texture.  Add or upgrade the cornicing throughout to give a modern, uniform look.  Replace plastic light switches and plug sockets with brass or chrome to suit your scheme.  Replace or repaint your front door in a modern bold colour with new door furniture – a door knocker always adds a touch of class.

  1. Style your windows

Windows can become a lovely feature of a room with a little bit of effort, but too often are forgotten.  Window seats always look appealing and inviting in any room and can be done with minimal cost and effort if the style of window allows.  Match or coordinate the cushion fabric with the curtains and cushions elsewhere in the room to complete the overall look.  In other rooms replace curtains with oversized drapes that gather on the floor for a luxurious feel and add blinds in contrasting colours and patterns for a wow effect.

  1. Accessorise

One of the easiest ways to make your home look elegant on a budget is to accessorise.  Themed colours and style give an overall look, think gold, black or chrome finishes on all your frames to suit your scheme.  Mirrors, oversized vases and coordinating side tables and coffee tables or bedside tables and chest of drawers in the bedroom.  Group together similar items for a unique look.  Luxurious textiles such as crushed velvet, leather, suede and metallic’s are all thought of as expensive finishes and add to the elegance.

  1. Housekeeping

In order to keep the everything looking it’s best, good housekeeping is essential.  Shiny mirrors and smear free glass, clean and polished surfaces and floors that sparkle and immaculate bathrooms and kitchens are all required to ensure your home looks its absolute best.  Removing clutter and ensuring every day objects have a home that is hidden from view is essential.  And don’t forget the exterior, manicured lawns, tidy flower beds, swept paths and a clean and shiny front door all help to add curb appeal.